Cassandra Swiatek Photography


I am a graduate of Ohio University and am currently working as a freelance photographer. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Visual Communication in Commercial Photography. I have enjoyed photography my entire life starting out with my point and shoot camera and my dogs as models. I always have some kind of camera with me, even if its just the one on my phone.

Although my degree is in commercial photography I do not limit myself to one kind. I am always experimenting with new ideas, concepts, and types of photography and art. Through this experimentation I have found a deep passion for still life specifically food and beverage. This kind of still life allows me to incorporate my love of photography with the skills I have learned through not only my photo classes but also through my art (and sculpture) courses.

Aside from photography I love to travel. I have studied abroad multiple times, taking photography, art, and other classes. My trips have allowed me to observe different art types and to develop my own style. The trips also gave me a time to be independent which helped me grow from each experience.




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